Shiloh National Military Park 

In April 1962, the union and confederate soldiers met for the Battle of Shiloh which ended with 23, 746 casualties. At that time, it was more casualties from a single battle than had perished in all of America's previous wars combined. The Shiloh National Military Park now stands as a monument to that fateful battle which became a pivotal moment in the American Civil War. 

The Battle of Shiloh 

On the morning of April 6, 1862, the Confederate Army began a surprise attack on Union soldiers led by General Ulysses S. Grant in Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee. 

After a full day of battle the Confederate soldiers were forced back and conceded victory to the Union. The battle came with heavy losses in soldiers lost and injured. 

The Battle of Shiloh happened relatively early in the American Civil War, and due to the high number of casualties and the cost, it was a battle that caused all involved to understand that the war would be long and difficult. 

Things to See 

Shiloh National Military Park is a must-see attraction when you visit West Tennessee. Over 300, 000 visitors tour the park annually. There is a lot to see while you are there, but here are a few of the most popular attractions at the park. 

Shiloh Battlefield - The Shiloh Battlefield displays civil war replica artillery and cannons as they were at the battle as well as a visitor center with history from the battle. 

Shiloh Indian Mounds - An archaeological site from the South Appalachian Mississippian tribe culture. 

Bloody Pond - A pond in the park where legend has it that both men and horses perished during the battle and their blood stained the water a dark red. 

General Information 

Shiloh National Military Park is located just 25 minutes away from the Green Acres RV Park and is well-worth the trip. The park is open daily from 8am to 4pm and closed only on major holidays. 

Entrance to the park, visitor center and park attractions is free for everyone. Guests can take advantage of ranger led tours throughout the day. 

For more information, contact the park at (731) 689-5275 or see their website. 


I absolutely loved the park! Highly recommended. Instead of hit the trail /tour immediately when you arrived, you should go to the visitor center and watch the movie(45mins)- super interesting. Then a walk through the cemetery and hit the tour route. The tour marks are awesome bc it’s highly visible and offer a place to park. My friend and I went during the peak of summer, so instead get out of the car, we did a little scavenger hunt. Which we stopped at every tour and connecting the dot of the battles. Also, the Shiloh church(log cabin) was super creepy. Overall, worth going!
linghui liu - Google
This is a must see for Civil War battlefields. There is an excellent driving map that tells you exactly where to go and a description of each of the 20 stops. Lots of monuments and markers of some of the more important figures who died there. Restrooms were open and very clean. The national cemetery was amazing and heart wrenching at the same time. Lots to see in this park.
Dick B - Google
Very historic battle, along with the subsequent Battle for Corinth. A shift in tide from one day to the next, very plainly presented by the must see film they created to explain the situation. Make sure to do the driving tour, and especially the Confederate Memorial - read the board that explains what each feature means in detail. My 18yr old son and I thoroughly enjoyed this site. And don't miss the rest of the park 1/2 hr away in Corinth (Civil War Interpretive Center). And the nearby Catfish Motel is a great place to eat!
Nagle C - Google
Shiloh is a must see when visiting south Tennessee. It's a lovely park with a 20 stop driving your of the key points of the battle that takes about 2 hours to do, more if you intend to read each of troop position signs. The visitor's center has a historical overview via exhibits and a film that takes about 30 minutes for both. The park also includes a series of ancient Indian Mounds, if you want to walk that trail, it'll add a hour to your visit. Lots of special events on holidays like cannon firing!
Kim G - Google