Welcome to Green Acres!!

A little about the Green Acres owners and answering the frequently asked question... "How did you ever end up buying a campground in Savannah, TN?".

A Message from the Owners:

Our names are Larry and Diane Frisbie; we are originally from Faribault, MN. We have been enjoying seeing the country in our RV since meeting in 1988. Larry is the "outside guy and visionary," and Diane is the "inside and flower person." We have always had a desire to own and operate a campground. Our friends actually let us do a "test drive" in Nashville, and we loved it. We had hoped to purchase that campground, but they were not quite ready to retire. Larry let his fingers do the walking (Google to the rescue) and found this campground in lovely Savannah, TN. When we first saw the park, we realized it had potential with a bit of TLC... hence, this all worked out and here we are. The park was purchased in August 2013, and the improvement process was immediately started. We wanted the park to be like we would want it driving in, so our main focus areas were: a welcoming entrance, awesome internet, free TV, and a gathering spot for rallies. We want people to leave here going, "Wow, now that is what I call a campground!!!!" Yes! we do have more to do and plan to continually improve things. Larry is now out of retirement and just "tired," but his endless effort has paid off, and we both love the business.

We do our best to get around to each visitor as often as we can. If there is anything we can do better or differently to make your stay even more exceptional, please let us know. Thank you for your business, and if time permits, we would love you to give us a review online.

Happy Trails, y'all, and don't forget our slogan... "Green Acres is the Place to be With Your RV.", Sing it with us now! See you around the park!

Larry and Diane Frisbie

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